Proposals and Ideas

Part of the mission for this blog is to examine some ideas and proposals for UK rail investment. Here are quick links to some of the schemes:

Crossrail 2 Swirl

Crossrail 2 Swirl proposes a cheaper and more effective option for South West London.


A proposal to create a second London Crossrail line at low cost from Waterloo to Stratford.

Richmond crossing

A proposal to solve the level crossing problem on the SW London "Windsor lines".

Lewisham Junction

A proposal to create a new key interchange for South East London.

Anglia relief line

A concept outline to provide much increased capacity on both the West Anglia and Great Eastern lines.


A proposal for an alternative to HS2 that follows the M1, tackling the issue of capacity in a better way for UK geography.

Birmingham Central

A proposal for a vastly better HS2 station in Birmingham.