Saturday, 9 January 2016

Crossrail 2 consultation responses, 2015

This blog seeks to gather publicly available links to consultation responses to the Crossrail 2 consultation of late 2015. Because of the sheer scale of the scheme, this will focus on Merton & Wandsworth, with just a few others. Those links below are simply those I've been able to find. No political or opinion bias is intended. If a response is missing, please add a comment.




Other locations:

My response as an individual blogger was based on the Swirl-Max plan. I also argued for:

  • a second "destination" station in Central London, preferably linked to Green Park
  • passive provision for four platforms at Victoria (for Crossrail 3 or 4)
  • passive provision for four platforms at Clapham Junction (for Crossrail 3 or 4)
  • a station at Stoke Newington
  • Alexandra Palace and Turnpike Lane, not Wood Green

I hope this data will prove useful to someone! However, it is very incomplete as there must be responses from many other organizations. If you know of a response from an organization or politician, use the comments to tell us!


  1. Kingston Lib Dems:

    Some chap called Colebourne got a mention ;)

    1. I've added the link thanks. BTW, the link back to Swirl doesn't work ;-)

  2. By way of apology for the broken link, here's the link to Kingston Council's official response:

  3. Camden's response to Crossrail 2 consultation with objections to bulldozing a whole bunch of housing (sadly including mine):

    They've also got a page covering CR2 interaction to date here:

    I know its a bit out of your area, but the resource is pretty decent.

  4. From the Transport for a World City report ... Tunnels are cheaper than stations ... hence Fast Track Tunnels are cheaper than Tunnels with Stations

    "TfL has been examining options for the current proposed Crossrail 2 route since 2008. In identifying the current route, over 100 options along a south-west to north east corridor were considered which covered a range of destinations. The cost of the current proposed scheme is estimated by TfL at £32.6bn, of this 33% (£10.8bn) is for stations, 12% (£4bn) is for tunnelling and 4% (1.4bn) is for rolling stock.". Source:- National Infrastructure Commission, Call for Evidence, TfL response (includes 66% optimism bias and rolling stock, at Q2 2014 prices)